Special design for Agricultural

High accuracy measurement.


The rapid decrease in per capita agricultural lands and natural water sources throughout the world, increasing production factor and similar factors lead the agricultural sector to have more importance day by day. Decreasing agricultural lands and natural sources started to be used more effectively As a result of Popularization of real-time date stream together with improving technology and having applicable costs in the system.

Agriss which we had developed with the awareness that agricultural sector has vital importance throughout the world and as result of our researches and observation; is designed for generating user-specific solutions for minimizing the problems which organizations and farmers encounter and making sustainable farming more effective in a system consisting of three sections.

Most suitable cultivation parameters for a product are determined by instant data which is obtained from the field, and low altitude air images which support these data and their analysis. Costs are reduced, source savings is obtained by developed algorithms while productivity is increased.

Conventional farming which is performed by labor-intense methods has to adapt to talking machines for minimizing faults which are human-caused.




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Air Temperature
Relative Humidity
Air Pressure
Direct Lighting
Indirect Lighting
Under Leaf Temperature
Under Leaf Humidity
Layered Soil Temperature
Leaf Wetness
Air Quality
Layered Soil Humidity*
Voltage Parameters
Current Parameters
Power Parameters
Fault Parameters
On/Off Pump

This is a completely localized integrated agricultural decision support system.

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