Industries Served

Our Markets

Ovoo is located in Konya, the Republic of Türkiye, an international center for many of the industries which rely most heavily on custom electronics. IoT communication, sensor technologies, and other technology enterprises demand reliable, innovative solutions. For over three decades, Ovoo has provided solutions, developing a real depth of expertise in a wide range of challenging applications.


We have experience in agriculture monitoring, including design and development of automated sprinkler irrigation monitoring and control, and soil and air monitoring systems and software.


We have over 10 years of experience in environmental monitoring, and weather and air monitoring systems and software. An air monitoring system designed and developed by Ovoo was called “AGRISS”.


Ovoo worked on industrial automation market. We design and development of remote automation devices systems and software.

Energy Measurement

We have experience in Polly-phase energy measurement monitoring, including real-time full energy parameter measurement and save to cloud server via GSM IoT. Also worked on machine learning systems.


We have experience in metering solutions, including electricity, calorimeter, water, and other stuff.


We have experience in real-time field security solutions using GSM IoT and ultra-low power systems.


We have experience over 10 years with GSM IoT devices, using with embedded SIM and battery powered devices.

Maker Electronics

We also make maker electronics modules for developers. Also, work open source projects for makers.

Ovoo provides essential expertise and specialized capabilities for a wide variety of industries operating in many unique and challenging environments.

We have developed technological solutions in a number of markets. Lessons learned in each field contribute to our ability to develop effective solutions in others.

We maintain a strict company policy of protecting intellectual property, maintaining confidentiality and information security as defined by Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreements. Normally, only one client is served at a time in a given market sector to further avoid “technology leakage”.