Project Definition and Management

An important part of engineering precision electronic systems is the task of project management. Ovoo engineering project management process helps ensure that customers get the designs that they require, in a cost-effective and timely manner.

Research and Development

Ovoo provides product marketing research, feasibility studies, and proof of concept documentation. The most efficient way to affect new product development is in the product specification at the very beginning of the project.

Standards and Specifications

Ovoo engineers maintain extensive, up-to-date knowledge of the regulations, standards, and certifications that apply to devices that are designed for a wide array of operating specifications and environments.

Schematic Capture

Project schematics are produced in Protel® 99SE or Altium Designer® and include all parts information integral to the schematic. We use the schematics to generate the BOM and Netlist.

Software & Firmware Development

Our software standards are a combination of our internal standards, customer standards, and "A Firmware Development Standard," by Jack Ganssle.

Digital Logic Development

We custom design digital logic using field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs). Our designs are developed with either schematic editors or hardware languages such as VERILOG™ or VHDL.

PCB Layout

At Ovoo Company, our PCB layout standards are a combination of our own internal standards, any applicable customer standards, and IPC standards.

Mechanical Design

Our mechanical engineers and designers custom-design enclosures and mounting arrangements for the electronics that we develop. They also do the assembly drawings for the production process.

Design Reviews

We perform design reviews to verify the specifications, schematics, PCB layout, and test results. Customers are welcome to attend design reviews and may request additional reviews if desired.

Parts Purchasing

Ovoo normally buys parts for each project during the design process in order to verify that the Bill of Materials is completely correct and that all parts, prices, and delivery times are acceptable.

Prototype Assembly

Ovoo builds prototypes for most new designs. Printed circuit board (PCB) prototypes are preferred for most designs, because they are inexpensive, and they considerably speed up the design process.

Prototype Testing

Depending upon the application, Ovoo tests electronics at temperatures as low as -50° C and as high as 200° C, along with severe shock and vibration testing.

Final Documentation Delivery

Upon project completion, we deliver the hardware, software, and documentation to you. Ovoo's final product is design documentation which can be implemented into a working product for the customer.